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Berkenalan Dengan Seluruh Orang Di Dunia Melalui Vikchat, Chatting, Vidio Call Dan Berbagi Berita Bersama Teman Kamu.


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To access application you must follow this policy, which is related to (UGC) otherwise, the use of this application will be restricted. **** Accept Policies **** 1. You must have a real photo in the profile or it will not be accepted. 2. The username, gender, year cannot be false. 3. I will not use any abusive language. 4. I will respect other users. 5. I will not share any sexual content or abusive content. 6. I will not harass anyone. 7. I will not send any piracy or spam links. 8. I will not clone profiles. 9. No fake profiles. If you accept the above conditions, send the registration to be accepted in application . Otherwise, if you do not comply with the policies, the administrator will reject the access request.
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